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Our Services in Delaware

From Neighborhood Group Homes (NGH) to Community Living Arrangements (CLA), individuals who receive residential supports or participate in our programs and services, depend on Community Interactions, Inc., to help them make their own choices and enjoy the same quality of life as others in their community.

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Residential Services

CI’s neighborhood homes are specifically-designed residences for five or fewer people. Licensed by the Division of Long Term Care in the state of Delaware, staffing for each home is based on each individual’s care level and their Essential Life Plan, as well as the combined needs of the home’s residents.

This holistic approach to well-rounded living includes a focus on the development and maintenance of life skills. Residents engage in activities of daily living, as well as banking and money management, meal preparation, and housekeeping. The coordination of a variety of therapeutic services for the individuals who reside in the homes completes the circle for a full and well-balanced life.

Twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, qualified staff support the residents of each home as they participate in a range of activities, such as exercise, enjoyment of the outdoors, volunteerism, faith-based activities, and work in the community.

Community Living Arrangements

03Community Interactions’ Community Living Arrangements (CLA) program in Delaware features smaller residential settings, such as apartments, with fewer people living together. The number of individuals living in an apartment varies with each location, and staffing is based on each resident’s needs. Staff is present at all times, except when individuals’ Essential Life Plans include unsupervised time.

CI helps the individuals we serve through our Community Living Arrangements program to enjoy everything their community offers. They have access to a variety of options that support interaction with friends and neighbors, and are provided assistance in order to participate in leisure and recreational trips to destinations that include the beach, museums, sporting events, skating, and for more active folks, horseback riding. Individuals are encouraged to visit their family and friends whenever possible, and to maintain the close relationships that enhance and nurture their quality of life.

In addition, Community Interactions’ staff may coordinate additional therapeutic services for CLA consumers who may benefit from them, including (but not limited to): nursing care, behavioral supports, occupational, speech, and adaptive communication therapies.

Pre-Vocational & Supported Employment

01Community Interactions is proud to offer pre-vocational training to consumers through a unique community-based program. Through volunteerism and outreach, individuals acquire and enhance professional and social skills and contribute to their community. For example, some of our program participants volunteer to assist seniors in nursing homes and senior centers with arts and crafts and Bingo, while others work in the thrift shop, collaborating with employees to sort clothes.

When they’re ready to begin their job search, Community Interactions’ Supported Employment Program assists individuals in successfully navigating employment in today’s competitive workplace. An array of services is available to each individual, including career counseling, vocational profile development, situational assessment, job development and placement, and job coaching.

CI’s Supported Employment Program staff collaborates with each individual to identify their interests, skills and abilities, work experience, and education. Our Employment Specialist works with them to set career goals, and assists them with resume writing, job application completion, job searches, and interview skills. Once they begin their position in a new workplace, the job coaching portion of the program supports the individual while they learn their job duties and responsibilities.

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