Organizational Leadership

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Board of Directors

Chairperson of the Board

John S. Saulino

Chairperson, Community Interactions, Inc.

Secretary of the Board

Michael T. McDonnell III, Esq.

Kutak Rock, LLP

Treasurer of the Board

Jerry Fisher, CPA

Gerald Saulino

Vice Chairperson of the Board

Jerald P. Saulino


Patricia Spratley


Andrew Bradell

Member / CI Self-Advocate

Christopher R. Saulino. Ph.D.

President/Chief Executive Officer

Tim D’Ignazio

Member / Vice President, Iron Worker’s Bank

Jim Strauss

Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Assistant Treasurer

Christopher R. Saulino, Ph.D.

Executive Officer

610-328-9008 ext. 116

Jim Strauss

Senior Vice President / Chief Financial Officer
Assistant Treasurer

610-328-9008 ext. 117

Diane Hannah Wilson

Vice President of Human Resources

610-328-9008 ext. 132