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How We Serve

Community Interactions, Inc. (CI), founded by Gerald Saulino in 1971, is a non-profit organization that provides person-centered support services and housing in Delaware and Pennsylvania for people with intellectual disabilities, autism & dual diagnosed behavioral challenges.

Our History:

A Personal Mission, A Community of Support

The vision for CI was inspired by our founder’s brother, Albert, who lived in an institutional setting for people with intellectual disabilities. Gerald was appalled by his brother’s living conditions. He wanted his brother to have a better life; one where he is part of the community, and surrounded by people who supported and cared about him.

Gerald wanted his brother to have the life that we all want: one full of love, kindness, purpose, and as much independence as possible. When he established CI, Gerald’s goal was to create a private, non-profit community organization offering less restrictive programs, services, and disability and autism support in Pennsylvania and Delaware that promoted community integration and self-determination for individuals with intellectual disabilities and behavioral health challenges.

The reality of his dream was realized in 1973, when Community Interactions opened its first housing for adults with disabilities in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Today, Community Interactions serves over 250 people in community programs, both residential and day, in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Our Mission:

Build communities of compassion and inclusion for neurodiverse people through innovative services.

Our Vision:

We embrace the dignity and dimension of every extraordinary person.

Our Values

  • respect Provide high quality services and housing for adults in Pennsylvania and Delaware with disabilities that honor the dignity of our individuals, and honest, authentic communication with our families and staff.
  • inclusion Strive for experiences and opportunities for individuals to feel included, as well as a fair and equal opportunity workplace.
  • partnership Collaborate with staff, vendors and organizations toward our shared goal of empowering the full and productive lives of those we serve.
  • trust Honor our commitments through financial stability, fiscal responsibility and the utmost focus on safety, wellness and professional development.