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Our Services in Pennsylvania

From group homes to independent living, for a few hours per week or 24-hours a day, individuals who participate in our programs and services depend on Community Interactions, Inc., to support them in making their own choices and enjoying the same quality of life as others in their community.

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Community Living Arrangements allow individuals who need staff support to meet their desired outcomes in a home setting. The number of individuals residing in each Community Interactions residential community home varies, based on the choice and needs. Some individuals live alone, while others share a home in a nurturing environment.

All of CI’s residential community homes and apartments are staffed around-the-clock with Direct Support Professionals who provide assistance and care, as needed. These residential services maintain a license through the Department of Public Welfare or are monitored by the Office of Behavioral Health, in addition to being monitored by CI’s own quality assurance system.

Life Sharing through Family Living is a program where individuals with a disability live and share a home and life experiences with supportive persons, to whom they are not related, in a family environment. This is the most natural way for community members to support an individual: to invite them into their home to help them to lead the most rich and rewarding life possible. Through this arrangement, individuals with disabilities become active, participating members of a family.

CI works diligently to find just the right person or family to participate in this special program. CI matches an individual’s personality, talents, and skills with families who will help them develop their areas of interest and address their needs and desires. Our goal is to create a living arrangement that is mutually satisfying and rewarding.

Life Sharing is a wonderful program that enriches the lives of all involved!Bonnie

Person-Driven Supports (PDS) is an independent program for individuals requiring less than 29 hours of supervision per week. Our PDS programs serve one or two persons living in beautiful and personalized apartment settings. While this independent program is an unlicensed service, CI’s quality assurance system is in place to monitor the delivery of service.

The PDS program assists individuals with financial budgeting, household management and cooking. People residing in these settings live independently and many are employed in the local community. Recreational and cultural activities can be an integral part of their day, as they take greater control over their lives and resources, and assume greater responsibility for their decisions and actions. Community Interactions, Inc. provides supports and staffing hours based on the needs of individuals served in the program.

Deaf and Hearing Impaired programs provide specialized settings for individuals with disabilities in a unique setting where both staff and consumers communicate through American Sign Language as well as other current modes of communication.

CI homes provide adaptive equipment based on the needs of the individuals such as strobe light fire alarms and bed vibrators to provide for the health and safety of the individuals in the home.   The staff in these homes help to create a positive atmosphere that meets the linguistic and cultural needs of this group, allowing individuals to be a vital part of their community.  

PA Day Program

The Community Interactions Day Program, located in Broomall, PA has a strong community-based component along with on-site activities such as art & music class, computer class, fitness and wellness and an ever-expanding variety of others. 

Individuals enjoy contributing to their community and assisting those in need. Whether delivering meals, bowling, or recycling, our day program participants enjoy a variety of activities based on their interests. The friendships that are developed with people in the community help form lasting relationships and the volunteer skills learned are designed to assist individuals as they seek employment in the community.

For individuals who prefer a calmer environment, the sensory room serves as a quiet place for individuals to listen to soothing music and do gentle exercises to help them start, and in some cases end, their day on a positive note.

Their mission: To provide a continuum of day services to adult with developmental disabilities that meets each participant’s need for personal growth and the development skills specific to their role as a contributing member of their community.

Supported Employment

Community Interactions’ Supported Employment Program assists individuals to successfully navigate employment in today’s competitive workplace. This is accomplished with an array of services for individuals including: career counseling, vocational profile development, situational assessment, job development and placement, and job coaching.

Using the Person-Centered Assessment Process, CI’s program identifies the individual’s interests, abilities, work experience, education and skills. Our Employment Specialist works with individuals to set career goals, assisting them with resume writing, job application completion, job searches, and interviews.

Job coaching follows the consumer to their new workplace environment, giving the support and assistance while they learn job duties and responsibilities, including specific job tasks and work assignments. Our goal is that most of the individuals we support in this program will transition to natural supports on the job.

Home-Based Community Services & Friendly Visitor

Friendly Visitor Service (OBRA) is headquartered at the Community Interactions Day Program, located in Broomall, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Funded by OBRA, this supportive day service is available to individuals with developmental disabilities and offers companionship and recreational opportunities to those confined to a skilled nursing care home.

Although the OBRA services are only available for a few hours per week to each resident, they provide a welcome link to the community for the individuals. Whether playing bingo, going to activities, or simply seeing the outside world, this service puts a smile on the faces of the individuals we support.

Home Based Waiver (HBW) is a program at Community Interactions that provides support for individuals who live at home. Home based supports can range from assisting individuals with household chores, cooking, teaching daily living and social skills, or helping them to get involved and connected with their community.  Staff may also take individuals to doctor appointments, grocery shopping or to social events in the community.

The individual or their family decides how, where, when and by whom the services will be provided. This program is designed to give people services that improve the quality of their lives, while helping them to gain greater independence and lead full, meaningful lives.

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