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Message from the President

Dear Friends,

The vision of Community Interactions (CI), founded in 1971, was to create a private, non-profit organization in less restrictive settings in a family environment.  The reality of that dream was realized in 1973 when CI opened its first home in Delaware County, PA.

Fast forward to 2019 where today, with our ever expanding programs, CI serves over 250 individuals in community living and day programs in the states of Delaware and Pennsylvania.  We’ve come a long way, our future is bright and we are ever growing and changing.

CI’s philosophy “A Holistic Approach to Quality of Life” focuses on the overall well-being of, not only the individuals we support, but their staff and families as well.  And…as an organization, we feel it is our responsibility to provide the CI community with the tools and support to live healthier lives, which will greatly impact the quality of life for those we serve and help to build better relationships. 

The “CI Way” and CI CARES model has also  been developed with the desired outcomes of our interactions with each other is to nurture a caring, authentic and respectful community where everyone’s growth and development is supported by the quality of our professional relationships with each other. 

Our collective work begins with shared themes, including our commitment to providing quality services to those whom we are privileged to serve, recruiting and retaining a well-trained and happy workforce, while recognizing our most valuable resource—our staff and their desire for growth.

The future of CI is guided by a vibrant Strategic Plan as well as an enhanced Quality Assurance and Management Process.  While CI’s founding principles will not change, our methodologies and practices will adapt in order to stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape in order to stay ahead of the curve.  I am confident that a bright future and our best years lie ahead of us. Together we will do great things!

How can you help us to further our mission?  As always, financial donations are welcome, but you can also support us by volunteering your time and talents and by spreading the good word about CI and the work that we do here to create the best possible lives for the individuals whom we support: 

Your Life…Your Choice…Our Mission.

With gratitude,
Christopher R. Saulino, Ph.D.
President & CEO