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At Community Interactions, Inc. (CI), our mission is to provide quality services for people with intellectual, physical and behavioral health challenges…and to help them create lifestyles consistent with their communities, respecting their individual choice and culture, and to promote self-determination.

We cannot accomplish our mission without the continued support of our friends and neighbors. Bonnie Brown’s success is just one example of the importance of community support for our organization and its programs.

Bonnie’s Story

bonnie_myraBonnie Brown first came to CI in 1984, at the age of 20, and resides in the PDS (Person Driven Supports) program, for individuals who are independent and require less than 29 hours of services per week.

Since her divorce sixteen years ago, Bonnie has been a single mother to her academically-gifted teenage daughter, Myra, with whom she lives. With 29 hours of weekly services from Community Interactions, Bonnie has made good life choices and continues to thrive in the community. Her team of dedicated CI team members takes her on doctor’s appointments, assists her with financial budgeting along with housekeeping, grocery shopping and cooking.

Though Myra doesn’t receive services from CI, both she and Bonnie a part of the Community Interactions family, and they both experience the benefits of the programs and services we offer. The generosity of our community makes Bonnie and Myra’s continued success possible.

Because their story gives hope to people with disabilities living independently, Bonnie and Myra were featured in a 2009 issue of PEOPLE magazine, as well as on local news and newspapers. And in 2013, their interview was aired on NPR, which left more than a few people choked up, including the host of the program.  Their story is very inspiring and they were happy to share it.


The Story of the CI Angel

Supporting a child is difficult enough, but even more so for a single mother with a minimum wage job.  Though they managed to get along with what they had, life was not always easy for Bonnie and Myra and they struggled at times, especially around the holidays.

Fortunately, in 2006, an “angel” appeared on the horizon for Bonnie and Myra, just in time for Christmas. With the help of this generous contributor, mom and daughter have had the happiest holidays of their lives for almost a decade!

Each and every Community Interactions donor is an “angel”; they help to, not only continue our mission, but to go beyond our mission, to help the individuals we serve create the best lives possible for themselves.  Help us to help other CI individuals achieve their goals and live productively in the community. We thank you, in advance, for your generosity.

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