Programs for People who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

Community Interactions provides specialized programming for individuals with disabilities that are deaf/hearing impaired. In a unique community setting of licensed group homes and single homes/apartments, qualified direct CI staff use American Sign Language (ASL) or an English-based sign language to communicate 24 hours a day with their people in service. By meeting the linguistic and cultural needs of this group, CI creates a positive atmosphere that gives meaning and builds a communication bridge that allows these individuals to be a be a vital part of the community. Both deaf and hearing interpreters are available to help facilitate everything from medical appointments, to meetings, to everyday socialization needs.

All CI homes are provided with state-of-the-art technology for the deaf/hearing impaired. They are equipped with videophones that enable anyone to hold conversations in ASL with others who are deaf. And through the use of video relay interpreters, individuals have the ability to call family, friends, and businesses. Strobe light fire alarms are hardwired into each CI home for the deaf/hearing impaired with battery backup. Other adaptive equipment utilized in these unique settings includes bed vibrators for fire safety, and alarm clocks, doorbells, and phones that are connected to lamps or vibrators.

All of these supports allow deaf/hearing impaired individuals to thrive and reach their full human potential in an environment where they can communicate openly and freely, while sharing common values and life experiences.