On Line Training

Employees can also register for web based/internet training by logging onto the following sites:   MAX Association Training Calendar – http://www.maxassociation.org/ NETWORKS – http://ocrs.networksfortraining.org/ The Advocacy Alliance – www.southcentralpa-hcqu.org PCHC Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care – Classroom Training – http://www.pchc.org/Education/Training Events/Calendar/TrainingEvents.aspx  PCHC Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care – Online Classes – http://www.pchc.org/Education/OnlineTraining/OnlineTraining.aspx    DDDS Course Schedule – http://dhss.delaware.gov/dhss/ddds/training.html College of Direct Support-http://login.elsevierperformancemanager.com/systemlogin.aspx?virtualname=DDHSS   OBH Training Resources:    Magellan Health Services - http://www.magellanofpa.com/training/    If you opt for web based/internet training, please ensure that you print a certificate of completion and forward the certificate to the Human Resources Department.  The certificate must indicate that you completed the training, be dated for calendar year 2012 and bear your first and last name.  Feel free to contact the Human Resource Department if you have any questions.