Life Sharing/Family Living

Lifesharing, formerly called Family Living, is when individuals with a disability live and share a home and life experiences with supportive persons, to whom they are not related, in a family environment. This is the most natural way for community members to support an individual and invite them into their home in order to help them to lead the most rich and rewarding life possible. Through this arrangement, individuals with disabilities become active, participating members of another family.

CI is able to provide licensed services through the Department of Public Welfare as well as unlicensed services for individuals who are independent and require minimal supports.  Reverse Lifesharing is also an option for someone who wishes to remain in their own home and have a family or person move in with them.

We work diligently to find just the right person or family with whom to share such a program. CI matches family talents and skills with communities and persons who will help individuals develop their areas of interest while addressing their needs and desires. This permits Community Interactions to focus on planning a living arrangement that is mutually satisfying and rewarding.  Lifesharing is not just a program, it is a movement!