Homes & Apartments

Individuals needing staff support to meet their desired outcomes at home are able to receive residential supports in neighborhoods across Pennsylvania whether in single-family homes or apartments. The number of individuals residing in the homes varies, based on choice and needs. Individuals may live alone or share a home with other individuals in a nurturing environment that provides 24-hour staff support or less, as appropriate. Unless otherwise needed, all residential community homes and apartments are staffed around-the-clock with qualified direct support staff – Community Support Associates – who provide assistance and care as needed. These residential services maintain a license through the Department of Public Welfare or are monitored by the Office of Behavioral Health in addition to being monitored by CI’s quality assurance system.

Our beautifully decorated homes are fully furnished with a warm, friendly, family-like environment where one can continue to develop his or her own potential. Each person adds a unique flare and style when decorating the home and their own bedroom. Individuals are encouraged to become valued members within their communities by attending social functions, participating in neighborhood-sponsored activities, volunteering, and by becoming good neighbors.