Community Living Arrangements (CLA)

Community Living Arrangements in DE are usually in a smaller setting, such as an apartment with fewer people living together in a community setting.  The number of people living in an apartment varies with each location and staffing is based on individual needs.  Staff is present at all times except with individuals who have unsupervised time.

CI helps the individuals we serve to enjoy everything that the community has to offer.  They have access to a variety of options and are assisted when participating in leisure and recreational trips to: the beach, museums, sporting events, skating, or for more active folks, horseback riding.  Individuals are encouraged to visit their family’s homes whenever possible and to maintain close relationships which enhance and nurture their quality of life.

A wide range of therapeutic services for individuals, depending on their needs are coordinated.  These services may include but are not limited to: nursing, behavioral supports, occupational and speech/adaptive communication.