Community Inclusion

The Community Interactions Resource Center is home to a unique community-based day program where volunteerism and outreach work as the center of social skills building. Individuals enjoy contributing to their community and having the opportunity to assist those less fortunate.


Whether delivering meals, bowling, or recycling, our consumers enjoy a variety of activities based on their interests. Individuals participate on the planning of these community activities and the small group structure and high staff-to-individual ratios allow for day trips to: museums, movies, nature centers, amusement parks, art programs, orchards, zoos, and Farmer’s Markets.


The volunteer skills learned at the CI day program are designed to assist consumers as they seek employment in the community.   Individuals assist seniors at nursing homes and senior centers with arts and crafts, Bingo and computer literacy.  At the thrift shop, consumers work with employees to sort clothes.  The friendships that are developed with people in the community help form lasting relationships.

Staff and administration are committed to the principles of self-determination and consumer satisfaction, striving to support individuals to build and maintain relationships while expanding their interactions in the everyday world.