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Message from the President

Photo of CI President & CEO Don Szegda

Dear Friends,

The vision of Community Interactions (CI), founded in 1971, was to create a private, non-profit organization to provide residential services in a family-like environment. The reality of that vision was realized in 1973, when CI opened its first home in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Fast forward to 2016, where CI’s programs serve over 250 individuals in community living and day programs in both Pennsylvania and Delaware. We have come a long way and our future is bright.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, A Holistic Approach to Quality of Life, focuses on the overall well-being of not only the individuals we support, but staff and families who support them, as well. As an organization, we feel it’s our responsibility to provide the CI community with the tools and support to live healthier lives, a philosophy that will greatly impact the quality of life for those we serve.

For Our Participants…

In my clinical work with various organizations in Europe, I meet a diverse group of children and adults with varying degrees of physical and intellectual disabilities. In partnership with their families, we work to create programs that impact the individual’s sensory, motor, and cognitive systems through the use of the Holistic Approach.

We have initiated a similar approach here for the persons CI supports; for example, we’ve designated Sensory Rooms at our day programs in Delaware and Pennsylvania, where participants receive individualized exercises. We also invite and encourage our families to join our Family Partnership, since we recognize that family involvement is a major component in a person’s life and success.

For Our Staff…

The “CI Way” and CI CARES model has also been developed with the understanding that positive and respectful interactions with each other will create a caring, authentic, and respectful community where everyone’s growth and development is supported by the quality of our professional relationships.

Help Us Further Our Mission

You can support Community Interactions by volunteering your time and talents and by sharing our story with others. Let them know that the work that we do creates the best possible lives for the individuals we support.

And please feel free to contact us to learn more about volunteering or the services we provide to the community.

Your Life…Your Choice…Our Mission.

With gratitude,
Don Szegda
President & CEO